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Rates are based on your project and needs. What are you goals? What do you want to get out of this translation?

I am always looking for long term collaboration with interesting and challenging companies.

Let me know about you and yourself! You can contact me here.


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  • Translation and Dyslexia
    In secondary school (middle school) we had to learn French and Spanish. I really hated these classes because I just couldn’t do them. In all my classes I struggled with spelling and reading, [Read More]
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    A while ago in Translate Like No One’s Watching I mentioned how I was translating a short story. Specifically for the 2017 Kurodahan Press Translation Competition. I had a fantastic time translating [Read More]
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    Are you a new video game translator? Many beginner Japanese to English game translators struggle to find work. It’s the ever frustrating catch 22 of “you need experience to get the job, [Read More]

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