The following is a collection of interesting articles I found. These are not necessarily recent articles, some are a few years old. But they’re ones I’ve read recently.

It’s been a little while since I’ve gathered my bookmarks of interesting articles that I’ve had to split them into three parts. One for anyone game localization fans, another for localizers, and the third for Japanese speakers.

These ones are somewhat related to video games, translation, and localization, as well as one podcast on literary translation.

You can find more Link Roundups here!

Articles for Game Localization Fans – Winter 2019 Part 1


Freelance Translation: Life & Improvement

The Bright Side of Freelance Translation by Nicole Y. Adams

Free 74 page ebook on how to build a freelance career, dealing with the ups and downs freelance translation. With motivational and inspirational stories from experienced freelancers.


Working from Home: 3 amazing secrets to boost productivity

A slight spoiler if you don’t want to take the bait and click on the link, but this short article outlines the key to productivity as:

  1. Maintain a regular sleep schedule
  2. Shower after waking up and dress as if you were going to work.
  3. Structure your day into blocks.
    *Bonus Tip: Avoid multitasking by blocking out distractions.

And they’re not wrong!

Articles for Localizers working from home


Guest post: Get up, stand up…for your health!

Why sitting down all down is bad for your health. But also how you can work so you’re moving, adjusting, and keeping healthy.

This was a great article for me because when I was freelancing I had a bad habit of not going outside and put on a lot of weight… Keeping yourself healthy is very important as a freelancer.


Teaching Localization in the 21st Century: Six Practices That Make a Difference

A subject I find really interesting is the practice of teaching translation. If you’re an experienced translator and interested in education then this is a great article!

My experience with my MA in Translation left much to be desired. So I am slightly biased when it comes to practices of effective education for translation and interpreting.


Good Translators Don’t Translate Alone by Rose Newell




Interpreting in the U.S. #2 – Training and Certification by Allyson Larimer


Uki Uki Chat! – Interpretation & Translation [Video]

Interview with Marie Iida talking about her experience as an interpreter and a translator.

Really great tips useful for translators and interpreters. But also interesting information for those who don’t understand translation/interpreting.


Marie Kondo’s Brilliant Interpreter is the Unsung Hero of the Konmari Phenomenon

Another interview with Marie Iida, this time written in an article and focusing on her working with Marie Kondo.

Marie Iida Articles for Localizers


Articles for Localizers – Translation Link Roundup [Winter 2019 Part 2]
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