Freelancers Should Play PokemonGO

Whether you’re a Poke-fan or not, as a freelancer you should probably try out PokemonGO.

As a freelancer who works from home you’ll probably find yourself rooted to the same spot with little reason to go outside or much chance to interact with other people (besides family). This can lead to health problems such as weight gain and back problems (which can lead to other problems), and stress from lack of stimulating human interaction.

I’ve done it (and I’m sure others have too) when I’ve gone a whole day working (up to 12 hours), because I’m in the right groove and I have no reason to leave the house. I think it’s been a productive day but it still makes me feel bleh and tired afterwards.

I’m sure there are many freelancers out there who realize this and spend time every day or week dedicated to going to the gym, or going jogging. But I’m the type of person who only likes exercising through walking or cycling, and only if I have a purpose or destination in mind. If you’re like me then perhaps PokemonGO is right for you.

I must admit as a child I was brought up on the Pokemon games and collected the cards (which I admit I still do as an adult), so I have a slight bias towards this game. But I was surprised to find some other side effects besides pure nostalgia.

Playing PokemonGO can not only help you be more active, but can also help with stimulating social interactions and networking.

PokemonGO encourages you to walk around your area to Poke-stops to collect items and catch Pokemon. When you get eggs you normally have to walk them for 2-10km before they hatch. You might step outside to the super market round the corner but find yourself walking for an extra 15 minutes because your egg is about to hatch or you see someone’s set up a lure to attract more Pokemon to catch down the road. The game encourages you and rewards you by walking more.

Freelancers Should Play PokemonGONot only that but sometimes you’ll find areas where a whole crowd of people are playing. Not just children or teenagers, but adults of all ages. I’ve even seen entire families walking around together playing PokemonGO on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s a great opportunity to talk to people, interact with those you wouldn’t normally, and even network! 

The reason PokemonGO works so well and is so popular is because it’s super effective gamification.

Gamification is when game-design elements and game principles are applied to non-game contexts, such as walking and interacting with strangers.

It’s perfect for freelancers who need an excuse to get out of the house, get some exercise and meet some people.

Freelancers Should Play PokemonGO
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