Jennifer & Wesley – Experienced Japanese-English Translators

Jennifer and Wesley are married Japanese to English translators. They have a combined experience of over four years in translation working with various forms of media (manga, games etc.), tourism, and advertising.

Specializations: fantasy; sci-fi; Japanese tourism; Japanese religion; military; comedy; British English; American English.

Wesley is available as a freelance translator. Jennifer currently works in-house as a Localization Assistant, but continues to write articles about the localization industry.

Interviews With Localizers

Interested in the Japanese media translation industry? Read interviews with translators, project managers, editors, and localizers who work with video games, manga, novels, and more!

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Video Game Localization

Video Game Localization

Video Game Localization Japanese to English localization, proofreading, editing of video games. I have been an avid gamer of Japanese and English games since I was 9. I love playing games in English and Japanese as well as analyzing game

Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga Translation Japanese to English translation, localization, proofreading, editing. Translate into natural English for anime and manga. Cultural understanding of both Japan and US to localize jokes and slang appropriately. Match company style guides. Tackle variety of subject

Translation for Travel and Tourism

Translation for Travel and Tourism

Japanese to English Translation for Travel and Tourism Restaurants ・ Events ・ Promotional Materials Websites ・ Blogs ・ Social Media Menus ・ Directions and more…   With the increase in tourism to Japan in recent years, Japanese to English translation for travel

Translation Industry Advice

Interested in more concrete advice on working as a freelance translator? Check out these articles!

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Articles by Jennifer O’Donnell

  • What Went Wrong with Netflix’s Neon Genesis Evangelion Translation?
    The first thing I heard about the Netflix’s re-release of the 1996 cult-classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion was: “WTF? They’ve removed Fly Me To The Moon.” Shortly after my […]
  • Manga Translation Pitfalls
    A manga translation can vary drastically when handled by different people. Not just the translator, but editors, adapters, and of course companies, have their own approaches and preferences (hence […]
  • Localising Video GamesAnthropology and Localising Video Games
    When people ask me what my degree was their response to “Social Anthropology” is normally “Oohhh… What’s that?”. To which I normally reply “Social […]
  • Flying Grandpa“Flying Grandpa” – Short Story Translation
    A while ago in Translate Like No One’s Watching I mentioned how I was translating a short story. Specifically for the 2017 Kurodahan Press Translation Competition. I had a fantastic time translating […]

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I highly recommend Jennifer's translation work. Not only her translation ability, but also her attitude towards work are amazingly estimable.

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