J-En Translations is an educational website with resources for people interested in the Japanese to English localization industry.

You can find articles on improving translation skills, interviews with professional translators, editors, letterers etc., books and resources on translation, and a podcast on amazing English translations in media.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to get into Japanese - English translation or about media localization (specifically games, manga, and anime.)

Random Articles

  • Maintaining Your Japanese as a Translator
    I’ve been studying Japanese for a very long time. Roughly 14 years (I honestly lost count.) My decision to follow a career in linguistics and work in localization means […]
  • Why The Localization of Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Amazing
    When I was in secondary school (when I had more time) I played Final Fantasy IX, VIII, VII, then X and X-2. I was hooked. So when the Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced […]
  • Translation and Dyslexia
    In secondary school (middle school) we had to learn French and Spanish. I really hated these classes because I just couldn’t do them. In all my classes I struggled with […]
  • My Dream Translation Course
    When I’m in my 50s and game localization is too much for me, I want to become a lecturer in translation studies. I would love to create a post-graduate equivalent translation […]

FAQ For Aspiring Translators

Frequently asked questions for aspiring Japanese to English media translators.

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Want to work on your Japanese translation skills? Then these are the articles for you!

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Interviews With Localizers

Interested in the Japanese media translation industry? Read interviews with translators, project managers, editors, and localizers who work with video games, manga, novels, and more!

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Japanese Talk Online

Tips, tricks and resources about studying Japanese language.

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