I began following The Financial Diet last year. Simply put it’s a website and YouTube channel which shares advice about money.

It’s a website made by women so has slightly female leaning content (i.e saving money on makeup, although I have no interest in that). But a lot of the information they provide is aimed at a wide variety of people.

They have advice on saving money at College, on general career advice, on health and travel.

A lot of their articles are grounded in people’s personal experiences. I’ve always believed you can learn a lot from your own, but also other people’s mistakes.

My website Japanese Talk Online is heavily geared towards trying to help others not make the same mistakes I did when I was learning Japanese.

So I was trilled when I saw The Financial Diet has a submissions page for articles.

My Article on The Financial Diet

Japanese Talk Online is all about learning Japanese. And although I give other advice like study methods and skills, I felt something focusing on spending money when learning a language would be great for The Financial Diet.

Another reason I wanted to write this aimed at “all languages” because so many times I’ve seen people make the same mistakes as me. Mostly spending money as a beginner and spending a lot of money on books they don’t use/need.

I’ve found the majority of beginner materials for languages can be found for FREE online! And a book is only really needed if you’re working with a teacher, or prefer it over digital materials.

So I wrote a proposal and sent it in. 24 hours hadn’t even gone by before they said yes!


You can read my full article here:

All The Money I Wasted Trying To Learn A New Language

“I love Japanese. I love learning it and using it. It began as a hobby, then developed into a passion and a slight obsession. I’ve now been studying Japanese for over 11 years, and have an MA in Translation. It’s a skill I’ve invested a lot of time and a lot of money into — some of that time and money was spent well, but a lot was also wasted.

I wish I’d known back then what I knew now; could have saved myself a lot of headaches and a lot of money. I hope this advice will help others learning or looking to learn a language…”


Money Wasted on Learning Japanese


The Financial Diet – Money Wasted on Learning Japanese
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