Books on Translation and Interpreting – A list of pretty much any major book about translating and interpreting out there.

How to Be a Better Translator – Some book recommendations for improving quality control in localization.

“How Long Will It Take You to Type This in English?” – Discussion with professional literary translators about translation and editing speed in literary translation. Freelance translators often feel like they’re too “slow” but that’s often not the case.


Anime and Manga Localization

Land of the Lustrous, singular “they,” and the politics of subtitles – A discussion of the use of “they” in the localization of an anime about genderlous gem people.

Frederik Schodt recalls the ‘different world’ of manga translation in the 1970s – Frederik Schodt talks about his experience translating manga in the 1970s.


Game Localization

What Makes a Good Japanese Translator? – Interview with Alexander O.Smith, who worked on Vagrant Stories, Pheonix Wright and other video games. Tips for other translators and those interested in the translation industry.

Cuphead – Challenges and lessons of localizing a 1930-styled indie game – Talking about a game localization that may never get released but was still a fun and interesting challenge.

Save money on game localization 2 – Three different approaches to the cost of a game localization. What the cost of each approach would cost and why.

Translation Link Roundup December 2017


Translation Business

Inaugural Lectures: Could Google translate Shakespeare? [YouTube] – An hour long lecture looking at machine translation, and how/if it can tackle creative localization.

Follow This Freelance Recipe for a Tasty Letter of Introduction – Advice for freelance writers on writing a letter of introduction, but can easily be applied to translators.

The Most Important Tip for Finding Clients – How changing your approach and mindset can help you find new clients as a freelancer.

Authors Guild Releases Report On Translation Pay, Work Conditions – Discussing a survey of literary translators and how much money they make.

Translation Link Roundup December 2017

Translation Link Roundup [December 2017]
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