Translation Industry & Business

New Year, New Goals – An short inspirational article from NOTIS, the North West translation association, about improving yourself as a translator this year.


LinkedIn Profile Mastery for Freelancers: 10 Steps to Get You Hired – How to improve your Linkedin as a freelancer to get more clients.


Literary Translation

The National Book Foundation’s New Award For Translated Works – Translated literature is getting recognized even more! The National Book Foundation starts a new award just for translated literature! This is fantastic news for literary translators and spreading cultures around the world.


Video Game Localization

[Japanese] 2017年にヒットしたインディーズゲームの翻訳者による座談会をレポート。ゲーム翻訳の裏話や翻訳者の日常生活などあれこれを聞いた


February 2018This Be Bad Translation – Series that looks at bad localization in video games. Hilarious but also educational!


Q&A: Translating the humor & tone of Yakuza games for the West – Interview with one of the translators of the Yakuza games looking at their localization.



Video Games Industry

How to Prepare Your Games for Localization – For video game developers looking to translate their game into another language. Thinking about it as you develop your game can make localization easier for the translator which results in a better translation!


New Goals and Improving Skills – Translation Link Roundup [February 2018]