Translation Chat 13 – Mercedez Clewis chats about Super Cub


Mercedez (Meru) Clewis (they/their) is a Japanese to English translation and localization editor working primarily with light novels and visual novels, such as Idea Factory’s Cupid Parasite. They’re also a pop culture critic, anime and manga reviewer, and a freelance journalist, contributing to websites like Anime Feminist and the Anime News Network.

Mercedez chose to chat about Spring 2021’s Super Cub, an anime produced by Studio Kai based on the Super Cub novel by author Tone Kouken.


“A lonely girl’s eyes are opened to the many possibilities when she buys a Honda Super Cub. In her old life she had nothing, but now she has a Cub and many opportunities before her.



In this episode we discuss Mercedez’s articles on Super Cub for Anime Feminist and Anime News Network. You can read them here:

Mercedez Clewis

Twitter: @pixelatedlenses

Portfolio: Pixelated Lenses


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Translation Chat 13 – Mercedez Clewis chats about Super Cub
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