Translation Chat Podcast 03 - Katrina Leonoudakis chats about Odd Taxi

Katrina Leonoudakis is a professional translator and localization specialist. In addition to working full-time at SEGA as a project coordinator, she subtitles anime for Funimation and Sentai Filmworks, as well as translates manga for Seven Seas.

She has credits on projects like Persona 5 Royal, the Yakuza series, and anime like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou. Her favorite thing in the world is translation theory — ask her about equivalence!

Katrina shares with us her passion for anime translation by talking about the subtitle translation for the anime Odd Taxi, released in the West by Crunchyroll and translated by Mikka Stifler.


Eccentric and blunt, the walrus Hiroshi Odokawa lives a relatively normal life. He drives a taxi for a living, and there he meets several unique individuals: the jobless Taichi Kabasawa who is dead-set on going viral, the mysterious nurse Miho Shirakawa, the struggling comedic duo “Homo Sapiens,” and Dobu, a well-known delinquent.

But Odokawa’s simple way of life is about to be turned upside-down. The case of a missing girl the police have been tracking leads back to him, and now both the yakuza and a duo of corrupt cops are on his tail. Set in a strangely familiar city filled with unusual individuals, Odd Taxi is a bizarre story about a humble taxi driver and the mystery of a lost high schooler.

Katrina Leonoudakis

Twitter: @katrinaltrnsl8r

Professional Website: Katrina Translation


Translation Chat

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Translation Chat Podcast 03 – Katrina Leonoudakis chats about Odd Taxi
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